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BRidgeBRowser Online

16.Feb.2005 BRBR Tourneys on BridgeBase Online (BBO)

Effective immediately, you can WIN access to BRBR by succeeding in our tournaments at Bridge Base Online (7.30 PM PST)

Now you can access BRBR without ordering a CD! BRidgeBRowser Online allows access to our complete dataset, including BridgeBase hands to the end of the previous month, and OKBridge hands to the end of the previous quarter. The archive stretches back 18 months on BBO, and six years on OKBridge.

Good access times for most of North America and Europe via broadband, as our server is very close to the backbone of the Internet.

We offer 2 tiers of service:

Tier A. For those who want to "get acquainted with BRBR"

  1. For 1 day, $5 payable in advance by PayPal

  2. For 1 week, $10 payable in advance by PayPal

  3. For 1 month, $20, payable in advance by PayPal

  4. For 6 months, $50, payable in advance by Visa, MasterCard or PayPal

Tier B. For those who "just want the answer" CUSTOM SEARCHES

1. First search (within reason) $10 payable after search is completed. If there's not enough data, we will tell you, and no charge made.

2. Subsequent (custom) searches, by arrangement.(click here to send email)

Tier C. For the REALLY SERIOUS user, to buy a CD (or DVD) of Data gives unparalleled speed and flexibility. But if you aren't sure, the online version is a great way to try it out.

FEATURES of service:

All data from OKB up to end of  previous quarter. All data from BBO up to end of previous month. In both cases this includes tournaments in a separate file.

Payments will be accepted by Paypal and are denominated in US Dollars. You can send a Paypal transfer directly to our email address, so long as you have a Paypal account. Paypal accounts are free, although there is an initial charge to your Credit Card that is credited towards your first purchase using Paypal.

To get started, click on this link Download BRBR Online (in an effort to make things simpler with downloading, we have made this into a ZIP file, which most computers understand now--if you don't, we can email you something).

You will need a name and password to login, so please email us (click here).

3-May 2004


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